Preventing Child Abuse

prevent child abuseIt's hard to talk or even think about child abuse – but child abuse and neglect are simply too destructive to be ignored.

In a recent year:

  • 172 Texas children died because of abuse or neglect at the hands of their parents or guardians.
  • 289,796 children were confirmed victims of abuse or neglect.
  • 19,864 children were removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.

Learn how you can help! It all starts by building a strong community - learn how below, and be sure to check out our resources for communities like yours.

Building a Strong Community

Get to know your neighbors.

  • Develop friendly relationships with your neighbors and their children and grandchildren.
  • Make your neighborhood your extended family. People feel better and safer when support is nearby.

Help out a family under stress.

  • Offer to babysit, help with chores, or run errands.
  • Suggest resources in the community such as faith community leaders, doctors, and teachers.

Volunteer in the community.

You can volunteer with a local organization, or donate to them. Call 2-1-1 or visit your local United Way to find an organization to help. [learn more]

Get involved in a local school.

  • Join the parent-teacher organization.
  • Attend school events such as plays, sporting events, and music performances.
  • Start a neighborhood watch.

Source: US Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau

How to Report Abuse

In Texas, you have two ways to report child abuse or neglect. [learn more]

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