COVID-19: Help for Parents to Weather the Coronavirus Crisis

A Message to Parents and Caregivers About Coronavirus

We are all currently facing unchartered waters due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. These changes to how families live, work, go to school and play are occurring rapidly and they are hard. Even at the best of times, change creates stress. It is more important than ever that we have realistic expectations about what all of these changes mean for our current daily lives and pay attention to how they are impacting our families. [read more]

Real Help, Right Now

Help for Handling the Extra Stress of COVID-19

COVID-19: 24/7 Parenting

Parenting is hard, and the extra stress of COVID-19 is making it harder. Your kids are home from school and/or daycare. You may be working from home, working at places that must stay open, or you might have been laid off. You may have others at home that are not used to being around children and have different expectations of their behavior. Nothing seems normal. You are not alone - parents like you everywhere are feeling the same. Kids are feeling the extra stress, too.

Visit COVID-19: 24/7 Parenting to learn more, or try these tips right now:

  • Talk with your kids about their fears of COVID-19 and the ways to stay healthy, especially washing hands and staying away from people outside the home, even their best friends. [see more]
  • You may not be able to maintain the same daily routine you are used to. Create a new daily routine that includes eating meals, doing schoolwork, having breaks, and getting exercise. You may also consider temporarily relaxing rules on screen time to give everyone a break. [see more]
  • Use time-outs and redirect bad behavior. Kids will get bored away from friends and school and may need more guidance than usual. [see more]
  • Try to keep it positive and praise good behavior. [see more]
  • Spend one-one-one time with your children. It will be good for both of you. [see more]
  • Take care of yourself, keep calm and manage stress. You need a regular routine just like your kids do. [see more]

Our website is full of other tips to help parents and caregivers manage stress around taking care of children from babies to teens. Look through our articles and videos to find the help you need, or visit our Resource Finder to find services from local agencies.

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