Community Resources

Thank you for helping raise awareness about child abuse and neglect in your community.

Many effective outreach materials are available. You are welcome to use these materials to promote the programs in your own community.

Order the 2021 Parenting Tips Calendar

The 2021 Parenting Tips Calendar is available for order! [find out how to order]

Calendar Information/Updates

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New Resource! Download a Free Activity Book

Activity BookThe activities are geared towards children preschool age to first grade, with coloring pages for kids of all ages. download now

Please share this downloadable PDF with folks who have the ability to print it for kids to use. All pages are black and white and ready to print.

Order Printed Posters & Tip Cards

Schools, hospitals, day care facilities and other community organizations can order posters to display and tip cards to distribute. There is no charge for the materials, but quantities are limited. [order now]

Resource Guide For Service Providers

The Child Welfare Information Gateway offer this free resource guide for service providers who work with parents, caregivers and families. This resource guide was developed to help providers prevent child abuse and neglect and promote child and family well-being. [download now]


Public Awareness Materials

Every April, communities all over Texas and the nation observe Child Abuse Prevention Month, raising awareness of child abuse and neglect while promoting resources to support families. We invite you to join this campaign, and we encourage you to use the materials on this website and the national website to spread the word in your community.

Community Action Plans

Raise awareness where you live and work - in schools and businesses, where you worship, in your local media, and more - with these creative and helpful suggestions.

Sample Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

Invite elected officials to proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Proclamation events celebrate childhood while promoting awareness of child abuse and neglect.

Sample Letter to the Editor

Write your local newspaper to encourage your community to prevent child abuse and neglect. Newspapers welcome the opportunity to be a voice for good, either through their letters sections or through guest editorials.

Sample News Release

A news release can be sent to media organizations to promote Child Abuse Awareness Month, your local awareness events, or both.

Sample Public Service Announcements

Radio stations love to run public service announcements to build goodwill and fill unsold advertising time. Use these suggestions to make your own spots.

Toolkit materials

Logo files English/Spanish

Outreach posters English/Spanish (.pdf, 3.6MB)

Tip card English/Spanish (.pdf, 2.4MB)

Web banners, multiple standard sizes