Sample Public Service Announcements

[20 seconds]
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Communities that care about their children and families can work together to find solutions to tough problems. Our community cares. Get involved in preventing child abuse before it occurs. Remember - the more you help, the less the child hurts.

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The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Children are our future and communities must look out for their welfare. Get involved. Protect the children. Report child abuse at 1-800-252-5400.

[10 seconds]
Children believe what their parents tell them. Words hit as hard as a fist. Take time to be kind. Don’t take it out on your child.

[10 seconds]
Child abuse is not an isolated problem. It affects each of us, and it is only through each of us that child abuse can be prevented. Get involved.

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When good moms or good dads have bad days, children can suffer. Take time out. Don’t take it out on your child.

More Public Awareness Materials

Every April, communities all over Texas and the nation observe Child Abuse Prevention Month, raising awareness of child abuse and neglect while promoting resources to support families. We invite you to join this campaign, and we encourage you to use the materials on this website and the national website to spread the word in your community.

Community Action Plans

Raise awareness where you live and work - in schools and businesses, where you worship, in your local media, and more - with these creative and helpful suggestions.

Sample Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

Invite elected officials to proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Proclamation events celebrate childhood while promoting awareness of child abuse and neglect.

Sample Letter to the Editor

Write your local newspaper to encourage your community to prevent child abuse and neglect. Newspapers welcome the opportunity to be a voice for good, either through their letters sections or through guest editorials.

Sample News Release

A news release can be sent to media organizations to promote Child Abuse Awareness Month, your local awareness events, or both.