News Media

We provide these materials for the news media, educators, community organizations, hospitals, or anybody interested in learning more or raising awareness about child abuse and neglect. You may also share our parenting videos, abuse awareness videos, resources, and other materials.

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The media can be a powerful force in preventing child abuse.

Media can give the issue coverage that greatly increases awareness of risk factors for child abuse and builds support for child abuse prevention programs in a community.

Media have the power to demystify the process of prevention, identify it as a community issue, and diffuse negative stereotyping and finger-pointing. Some ideas for what the media can do to help include:

  • Promote April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Put a link on your news website to and share videos and information through social media as added value for your customers.
  • Contact a DFPS media specialist for story ideas, interviews, and information on child abuse prevention.
  • Profile community leaders, teachers, and parents who take an active role in child abuse prevention.
  • Follow tragic news stories about child abuse with stories on how to prevent similar tragedies in the future.
  • Develop news stories to educate the public about the effects of child abuse and neglect. For example, abused and neglected children are more likely to abuse and neglect their own children, face lifelong medical and psychological problems, and commit crimes that land them behind bars.
  • Volunteer to provide advice or training on working with the media to local child abuse prevention boards or coalitions.
  • Donate print or website space or airtime for public service announcements supporting child abuse prevention.
  • Advertise your organization as a vital part of the community by running the DFPS public service announcements.
  • Publicize local business' efforts to support child abuse prevention in the community.
  • Encourage employees to wear blue ribbons in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month.