Corporate Involvement

Businesses Helping Families

What's good for families is good for business.

In the long run, preventing abuse and neglect helps companies manage health-care costs and build a stronger workforce. Research shows that when abused and neglected children grow up, they're much more likely to have health problems like depression, substance abuse, diabetes, and heart disease. Plus, a family-friendly workplace helps employers attract and retain good employees, cutting recruiting and training costs.

A supportive workplace can help ease the stress of balancing the duties of work and family, which for vulnerable parents can make the difference in preventing family dysfunction, breakdown, abuse, and neglect. There are many ways for businesses, large and small, to help prevent child abuse.

  • Support or donate to state and local organizations that strengthen families and help kids.
  • Donate meeting space for parenting classes.
  • Offer in-kind printing services.
  • Offer professional services.
  • Promote volunteerism.
  • Offer paid leave for volunteer activities that help families and kids.
  • Adopt a children’s program throughout the year instead of just during the holiday season.
  • Give gifts and contributions to help children and families.
  • Develop family-friendly policies that allow parents to make their children a priority. This could include flexible scheduling so parents can get their kids to school or pick them up from school.
  • Provide onsite child care or direct parents to places they can find quality child care.
  • Help spread the word with family-strengthening messages in advertising or product packaging.
  • Get involved in Child Abuse Prevention Month activities each April – designate a Blue Ribbon Day, participate in and/or help sponsor a 5K or family festival, etc.
  • Hold workshops on stress reduction, parenting skills, and maintaining a work-home balance.

Source: Prevent Child Abuse America