Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Using the internet and technology can be fun, convenient, and educational for children... if used correctly! But, your kids need your help to stay safe online - just like they do at home or school.

One of the dangers is "cyberbullying" - using technology to bully, threaten, or intimidate - and it's more common among kids than you think. Another is "stranger danger," and it's just as important for your kids to be aware of it when they're online as when they're out in the real world.

What Parents Can Do at Home

  • Set limits on what sites your kids can go to and for how long. Use parental controls or filter features to enforce them.
  • Keep computers in the common areas of the house so you can monitor your kids' usage.
  • Understand how social media works: Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Whatsapp, etc. Find out which ones your children use.
  • If your child receives threatening messages, print them out and keep them, in case you need to file a police report.
  • If you are concerned about online activity involving your child, notify the police and school counselors.

What Parents Can Say to Kids

  • Talk about how important it is to keep personal information private. Teach your kids never to give out their names, phone numbers, addresses or photos to people they are not sure of.
  • Always be an understanding listener. Make sure your child knows that you are a safe person to come to with questions or problems. Do not threaten to take away technology as punishment, since that will teach children to hide phones or computers from you.

What Kids Can Do to Stay Safe

  • Ignore strangers or anyone who is bullying you online or through messaging. Never meet anyone in person that you do not know.
  • If you get messages from strangers, or messages from people you know that sound like bullying, Do not delete them or send them to other kids! Show your parents or a trusted adult.
  • Have a trusted adult help you block or report offensive people or messages.

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