Sweet Dreams: The ABC'S of Safe Sleep

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Create a safe sleep environment to make sure your baby has safe, sweet dreams at bedtime and naptime.

Keep The Crib Clear

  • Babies should sleep alone on a separate sleep surface with no stuffed animals, pillows, crib bumpers or blankets.
  • Babies should sleep in a crib, travel crib or other surface intended for infant sleep. The mattress should be flat and firm and the fitted sheet should be snug. Test: if you lift up the baby and the baby has left an indentation, the bed is not firm enough. No sofas, couches, swings or car seats.
  • Babies shouldn’t sleep or nap with adults or other children. Sharing a chair, couch or bed with your baby increases the risk of accidental suffocation.
  • Babies are safest when they sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year of life – called room sharing – but not in the same bed.

Keep Them On Their Backs

  • Babies should sleep on their backs, not on their stomach or side. Avoid using pillows or foam wedges to prop a baby in a certain sleep position.
  • Scared of your baby choking? Don’t be. Babies have a natural reflex that allows them to spit out or swallow fluids.

Keep It Cool and Smoke Free

  • Be careful not to overdress your baby at bedtime. Light, breathable cotton clothing is usually enough. Make sure there are no cords or ribbons around the baby's neck, face or wrists.
  • Babies sleep best in a cool room. Keep the temperature in the baby's sleeping area cool.
  • Babies should not sleep in a place where people smoke or have been smoking.

For More Information

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