Helmets: Head First Safety!

Bikes, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades. Kids love to be on the go! Be sure you keep them healthy while having fun with these notes on helmet safety.

Setting Rules

  • Understand head injuries and what can happen. Even if children are too young to ride a bike alone, and are just a passenger, they should still wear a helmet every time
  • Teach your young children about the rules of the road: where and when it is safe to ride, making eye contact with drivers before crossing the street, respecting traffic signals, and to wear reflective or light-colored clothing.
  • Make it clear to your kids that bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. only move with helmets on. The moment they take off the helmet, it means they cannot ride anymore.
  • Even if your kids will not be going far or will not be out for long, they should still wear helmets.
  • Wear your own helmet and set a good example!

The Right Helmet

  • Older kids are less likely to wear helmets than younger kids, thinking they will look uncool. Have your child's respected older sibling or friend help him/her shop for a proper bike helmet.
  • Do not resell, donate or buy used or damaged bike helmets - if they were used previously, they may not be in good condition to be safe.
  • A helmet should fit well and protect the forehead. Do not use other types of helmets, like football helmets.

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