Get Ready to Read!

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, and connecting with them through reading is easy. Nurture their growing minds by setting them up with the reading skills they'll need for life. Follow these tips for a fun, relaxing, educational time.

Mom reading to her daughter

Setting Up A Home For Books

  • Keep your kids' books in a place they can easily reach.
  • Go to the library or bookstore with your child and explore the children's section. Look through the books that catch your child's attention, with colorful pictures or pages with textures or flaps.
  • Let your child see you reading around the house. He/she will want to follow your example!

How To Read With Your Child

  • Read together every day. Right before bedtime is a perfect time!
  • Read the book your toddler wants to read, even if it's the same one over and over. Knowing a favorite story by heart helps a child learn memorization, word recognition, and logical order.
  • Make different voices for different characters and use expression.
  • Let your child turn the pages.
  • Point to pictures and ask your child questions about what might happen next.
  • Trace letters on the page with your finger. Have your child do the same.
  • Even if your child can't sit still, keep reading aloud for a while. The child can listen while standing or playing with something, and will teach the child that books are part of the bedtime routine.
  • Talk to your child when the story is over. See what opinions they have about it.

When You're Out And About

  • Point out things and say their names and related words: "See the dog? The dog says, woof woof!"
  • Point to words on signs, billboards and t-shirts and ask them what letters they see.
  • Sing the alphabet song together.
  • Carry a book to read together when waiting in line at the doctor's office or in grocery store lines.

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