Video: Parenting Tips

Understanding Your Teen

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Need help understanding your teen? You may have more in common than you think.

Tracking Your Child's Development

Parenting Tips (1:56)

A parent's eyes and ears are the best guide as to whether a child is developing as expected.

Recognizing Postpartum Depression

Parenting Tips (1:40)

You've probably heard of "baby blues." If those feeling don't go away, or get worse, you may have postpartum depression.

Healthy Rules for Screen Time

Parenting Tips (1:51)

Kids can get a lot out of the time they spend in front of a screen. But as parents, we need to set limits.

Teen Driving

Parenting Tips (2:00)

The more prepared your teen is, the more likely he'll be safe behind the wheel.

Brain Development

Parenting Tips (2:42)

Do you ever wonder what goes on inside their little heads? Actually, quite a lot!

Setting a Schedule

Parenting Tips (1:10)

Being a parent can be stressful, but having a routine can help.

First-Time Dad

Parenting tips (1:40)

So you're about to be a dad, and you're pretty nervous. You can relax. It all starts with being there.

Value of Dad

Parenting tips (1:48)

Dads are providers and protectors - but they're much more. Kids do better when fathers are involved in their lives.

Getting Ready for Your Baby

Parenting tips (1:43)

You're excited about your new baby, but not sure how to handle it all. Follow these tips to make sure you are baby ready.

Handling Kids Who Won't Mind

Parenting tips (2:12)

Children don't always follow the rules or make the right choices. It's your job to keep your cool and help them do the right thing.

How to Stop Bedtime Battles

Parenting tips (2:05)

You probably can't wait to get in bed at the end of a long day. Your kids may be a whole different story!

Water Safety for your Child

Parenting tips (3:02)

Water can be dangerous, especially for small children. Here are some tips to keep them safe.

Calming a Fussy Baby

Parenting tips (2:16)

How do you deal with a crying baby? It's one of the most frustrating things a new parent faces. Here's a fun look at how to handle it.

Potty Training Tips

Parenting tips (2:23)

Potty Training can be a big frustration for parents. This fun video has great tips for getting through it and puts it all into perspective.

Dealing with Temper Tantrums

Parenting Tips (1:53)

Temper Tantrums drive parents crazy. This fun video explains how to handle them the right way.

Dealing with Your Teen

Parenting tips (2:21)

If you thought raising a toddler was hard, trying dealing with a teen. This fun video is loaded with great advice on how to deal with it.

Kid Moments

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Our kids. They can make us crazy. can help with parenting advice. Help for parents. Hope for kids.

Understanding Your Teen Child Development Postpartum Depression Screen Time Teen Driving Brain Development Setting a Schedule First-Time Dad Value of Dad Getting Ready for Your Baby Handling Kids Who Won't Mind Bedtime Struggles Water Safety for your Child Calming a Fussy Baby Potty Training Tips Dealing with Temper Tantrums Dealing with Your Teen Kid Moments