Kid Moments

Parenting Tips (:30)

Our kids. They can make us crazy. can help with parenting advice. Help for parents. Hope for kids.

Calming a Fussy Baby

Parenting tips (2:16)

How do you deal with a crying baby? It's one of the most frustrating things a new parent faces. Here's a fun look at how to handle it.

Potty Power

Parenting tips (2:23)

Potty Training can be a big frustration for parents. This fun video has great tips for getting through it and puts it all into perspective.

Dealing with temper tantrums

Testimonial (1:53)

Temper Tantrums drive parents crazy. This fun video explains how to handle them the right way.

Dealing with your teen

Parenting tips (2:21)

If you thought raising a toddler was hard, trying dealing with a teen. this fun video is loaded with great advice on how to deal with it.


Testimonial (2:51)

I have overcome the abuse I have inflicted on my children and my children will not be abusing their children because of the things that I have learned.


Testimonial (2:26)

Every day, just about, I beat them... they learned that it was okay, just like I learned. And so, what I was doing was just passing it down.


Testimonial (2:09

I wanted to be the perfect mother but I didn't know how... he (my son) knows the difference between mommy then and mommy now.


Testimonial (1:20)

I think about it all the time, even to this day. I feel bad that I would show him that side of me, that anger.


Testimonial (Spanish with English Subtitles, 1:45)

I lifted up my hand to smack her (my daughter) but it didn't... I'm not going to do what my mother did to me.


Testimonial (Spanish with English subtitles, 3:20)

I don't want them (my children) to grow up the way I did - thinking that I did not love them. I want them to grow up knowing that I will always love them.


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Help and Hope Testimonial

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